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Welcome to Nubian Moon!


A novel to the community, Nubian Moon offers our community, especially its children capsules of time entrenched in African & African American heritage, through tours, courses, storytelling, and other services.
 It is our mission to connect our community to its phenomenal  African & African Americian  Heritage - -  thus inspiring all of us to ascribe to greatness that lives within.

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Courses and Classes

Nubian Moon's curriculum is African centered.  Learners are taught through various creative methods, with significance placed upon detail, imagery and legacy. The overarching goal is to reveal to children a positive personal connection to their bountiful, beautiful, and great African legacy; thus inspiring them to ascribe to their greatness.  

Courses and Classes

Afrikan Voyages in Ancient America

"I have looked into my father's eyes and seen an African Sunset." Sonia Sanchez

Let your child meet America through the eyes of their ancestors.  Gift to your children a prideful introduction into Ancient America as they travel with their ancestors. 

Creators of Civilization 


A cumulative course teaching African History in-depth from a cultural and anthropological perspective, covering the time period from 300,000 years ago to about 1500 B.C. 

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