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Courses and Classes

Nubian Moon offers courses and classes on Classical African History and Heritage for school age children.  

Nubian Moon's Courses - Overall Vision and Goal

Nubian Moon offers our children capsules of time entrenched in African culture.   Classes embody Africa and are offered in the form of a complete school day or a core class; children are culturally immersed – experiencing and retentively learning about African Culture.   The curriculum is African centered and students are taught through various creative methods, with significance placed upon detail, imagery and legacy. The overarching goal is to reveal to children a positive personal connection to their bountiful, beautiful, and great African legacy; thus inspiring them to ascribe to their greatness.


Youth Kiswhaili Club 

2021 - 2022

This past school year  as our children connected with their African Culture through Kiswahili, a widely spoken African language! Learning an African language naturally  and intimately connects us to our African culture in intangible ways.  Kiswahili, a community oriented language, gives insight into African Culture.  In partnership with Swahili Dar Language School of Tanzania, we are offered a continuous program of  6 week increments of a Kiswahili  Course for Children.


Kiswahili Language Course 

Curriculum by Sayi Michael (Tanzanian Experienced Teacher of 10 years )


Youth Ages  8 - 13 (for Children of African Descent -  as Healing and Education must first be achieved by Our Community)

Courses on Demand 

Black Excellence (After Enslavement) - Part 1 Reconstruction

Discover the ambition of Black America in educational, economical and political arena.  This course will particularly focus on time immediately after enslavement was "abolished".

Creators of Civilization 

A cumulative class teaching African History in-depth from a cultural and anthropological perspective, covering the time period from 300,000 years ago to about 1500 B.C. Course too incorporates learning African Centered Community principles. Children also participate in individual and group projects reflective of self-determination and unity. For all classes a set standard of excellence and achievement is expected of the individuals and the collective of the group.  (Available upon request for educational organizations - Click Here)

Our Legacy

Course covers various themes in blocked sections (i.e. Science Discovers, Leaders, Foundation of Civilizations, etc.) discussing African and African American contributions and contributors. For all classes a set standard of excellence and achievement is expected of the individuals and the collective of the group.  (Available upon request for educational organizations - Click Here)


Afrikan Voyages in Ancient America 

"I have looked into my father's eyes and seen an African Sunset." Sonia Sanchez

Let your child meet America through the eyes of their ancestors.  Join Nubian Moon as we learn of the undeniable evidence of the African voyages and influences upon Ancient America.  This semester we offer a 3 hour weekly course in which we clothe ourselves in African culture, Skype with a Tanzanian Swahili teacher, and learn from concrete visual evidence of the African explorations to America long before enslavement.  Gift to your children a prideful introduction into Ancient America as they travel with their ancestors. (Available upon request for educational organizations - Click Here)


Skill Level Required:  Grade 3 Reading Comprehension & Writing

Stories of Nubian Moon (Seasonal)

A relaxed cultural theme program where stories are told from an African perspective connected with an African proverb – children too will be encouraged to participate in storytelling connected to a lesson/moral.  (Available upon request for educational organizations - Click Here)

New! Cultural Enrichment Bonus

*Seasonally now offering Cultural Enrichment mini classes through-out the semester such as:

  • Healthy Eating.................. Vegan Class

  • "N Touch With Nature.... Natural Medicines 

  • Artistic Inspirations......... Teaching Techniques  

  • Diaspora Connection..... Meet People of Our Motherland

  • Plus More...

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