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Queen City's 
Black Heritage

Walking Tour

Explore Charlotte's Black Heritage

with a walking tour in Uptown Charlotte!


Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina, better know as the "Queen City".  Come and explore this beautiful city and learn about the Queen of African and mixed heritage from which the city was named.  See the sites of a once historic thriving Black neighborhood, and come to understand how African Americans were critical in building the city and the wealth tied to it. 


The tour will run from May thru October from Thursday - Sunday.  Click the link below to book a tour that fits your schedule today!

Tour Guidelines

There is a limited capacity - so please be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time  Also,  please be mindful of the weather and wear appropriate clothing and shoes for an apprximatey 2.5 mile, 2hr. walking tour.  Walking tours are contingent upon the weather, thus if there is moderate to heavy rain the tour will need to be cancelled, and refunds will be issued.

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