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Nubian Moon is a novel to the community owned and operated by Naomi Winfrey established in Spring 2017.  

Nubian Moon

What is in a name?

Nubian Moon is a reflection of African Heritage.  "Nubia" was once one of the ancient names for all of Africa, as well as the name of one the first civilizations.  Nubia is a name of great African Heritage.


The second  half of the name, "Moon" is a  reflection of the ancient African phrase, "The foothills of the Mountains of the Moon".  This phrase is reflective of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda of east central Africa,  where the first civilization begun. The Moon is too an example reflective of how the ancients first begin to measure time, along with the first developments of math and science.  This continuous observation of the world around them, and the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation -  grew into the advanced sciences and mathematics that we are still in of awe today.

Model Course

“Dad, I learned that we are all one big family and we came from Africa!” 

Nubian Moon first conducted a sample class in the Spring of 2017 in a private home.  Among a small group of students classes such as Classical African History and Our Legacy were tested, and services such as story telling were modeled too .  All of the classes and services were a great success, and the children truly enjoyed the class and did not want it end.

Jaylen, 5 years old'

Student from the Model Class


Teacher & Director
Naomi Winfrey

Naomi Winfrey has studied African & African American Studies for over ten years, and continues to educate herself.  An active participant in the community programs, she is an advocate of cultural education - with a special emphasis place upon our children. Winfrey strongly believes that the key to building up our communities is to instill within our children a cultural pride reflective of their African culture.

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